1.1. Seller: wondersdental.

1.2. Buyer: Any individual purchasing from wondersdental website.

Article 2: Subject of the Agreement

2.1. The Seller agrees to sell the products/services listed below to the Buyer, who agrees to purchase said products/services.

Article 3: Product/Service Information

3.1. The Seller shall provide detailed information about the dental services offered on the wondersdental website.

Article 4: Ordering and Payment

4.1. The Buyer agrees to place an order and make payment through the wondersdental website.

Article 5: Delivery and Return Terms

5.1. The Seller shall provide the specified dental services to the Buyer.

5.2. Return and cancellation conditions are stated on the wondersdental website.

Article 6: Confidentiality

6.1. The Parties agree to maintain the confidentiality of all information shared under this Agreement.

Article 7: Dispute Resolution

7.1. Turkish laws shall apply in the resolution of any disputes between the Parties.

Article 8: Entry into Force

8.1. This Agreement shall enter into force upon signature by the Parties.

Seller (wondersdental):